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Data Driven Insight

Understand Your Current State IAM

Have The Data You Need To Drive Success

Understanding the current state of your Identity Management ecosystem is crucial for making essential business investments in your IAM cyber security posture. We offer the tools and reports needed to assess the risks and maturity of your Identity and Access Management practices. Our solutions provide actionable insights to enhance data consistency, accuracy, and improve your policies and automations.

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Strategic Advisory

Align Your People, Processes & Tools

We understand that achieving a secure digital environment goes beyond the mere deployment of tools. Our strategic business advisory focuses on a comprehensive holistic approach. We utilize our vast skills and expertise to ensure a seamless integration of your team, processes, and tools. This synergy is the foundation of our strategy, allowing us to deliver robust digital security solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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Legacy Migration

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Migration

Understand your current state and future state

Our consultancy specializes in comprehensive analysis of legacy Identity Management platforms, including Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). With a deep understanding of your system and policies, we create clear migration plans and offer engineering services to facilitate a seamless transition to modern Identity Management systems.

Key Services
Customer Identity

Streamline your Customer Identity & Access Management Experience

We have deep expertise in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). We understand that CIAM requirements are distinct from traditional Workforce IAM. By leveraging Microsoft Entra External ID or Azure B2C, we create seamless customer experiences for your applications. Our business analysis and engineering services ensure we deliver a solution perfectly tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Our Core

Microsoft Entra Identity

Specialising in Microsoft Entra Identity equips us with extensive knowledge about cloud-based identity and access management. This expertise allows us to manage and protect users, apps, workloads, and devices effectively.

Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Microsoft Entra External ID

Microsoft Entra Workload ID

Microsoft Entra Internet Access

Microsoft Entra Private Access

Conditional Access Policies

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Outcome Driven

How we work with you to deliver outcomes

Experience tells us that few organisations can go ‘big bang’ with anything identity. We work with our customers to ensure that all change is incremental and delivers tangible business outcomes.



Understand the current state of your business process and Entra ecosystem and the business outcome you are targeting



Look for the optimal Entra solution that maximises your return on investment from your current Entra licensing arrangements.



Execute incrementally – deliver value incrementally, minimising potential for disruption in business and demonstrating value to your stakeholders.


Right Fit

Your code-light solution. We develop precisely what you need to meet your business requirements. Leveraging out-of-the-box configurations whenever possible.

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