Microsoft Identity Manager Discovery & Replacement

Strategic Uplift Program to shutdown MIM from your environment

We specialize in strategic deprecation of MIM using a proven framework that leaves no detail overlooked. Transitioning from legacy systems such as MIM, which have been ingrained in your organization for years, demands a skilled team of experts who understand precisely what to assess and address.

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Our Approach

Holistic Approach to MIM Analysis

Understand MIM from the perspective of your business outcomes and the technical configurations

We understand that documentation often falls short in capturing the full scope of MIM's activities within your organization. As businesses evolve to meet new demands, MIM may be handling tasks that go unnoticed by your team. That's why we take a comprehensive approach, examining MIM from all angles to uncover its true impact and scope within your organization.

What We Do
Why Use Our Team

Our Team is Battle Tested

We think we have seen Almost Everything when it comes to MIM. You don't worry us.

Leveraging our vast experience in replacing MIM systems, we are well aware of the intricate challenges posed by the evolved MIM environment within your organization. We have seen firsthand how MIM can grow and adapt over time, becoming quite the beast to tackle. We know that MIM will likely exceeded initial expectations in size, and we have honed our skills to navigate through such situations to ensure you can shut it down with confidence.


Taylor A Package For Your Needs

Discovering the ideal MIM replacement services tailored to the specific needs of your organization is paramount. We offer comprehensive support or targeted assistance with specific MIM/FIM replacement tasks.

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Connector Analysis

From SQL to LDAP to C# we have the skills to understand your connectors

Business Alignment

Ensure that your business keeps feature parity

Solution Design

Acquire a thorough architecture for your new cloud identity solution, leveraging your current investments effectively.

Implementation & Migration

Implement your new cloud identity solution seamlessly with an efficient execution and migration strategy.

Training & Support

We don't want you or your staff to feel helpless on a new cloud solution.

Gap & High Risk Analysis

Leave behind your high-risk legacy baggage and allow us to identify and transition you to best practices.

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